Is the Client Always Right?

August 2016

Design is subjective—it’s going to resonate with people in different ways. Whether we like to admit it or not, personal preference always comes into play in one way or another. I have had clients come to me after working with other designers or firms, lamenting things they didn’t like about these past experiences. In some … Read More

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

August 2016

Sometimes brands work so hard to convey what they want the consumer to understand about them—who they are and what they stand for—that they miss a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to their packaging. The primary focus should be to communicate the most important selling points to the consumer instantly and … Read More

Blackstrap Molasses Smoothie

August 2016

I did a lot of traveling this summer with my family. It was a great, full summer and I’m so ready to hunker down for the start of the school year. When traveling, I don’t always have my usual foods available, so I’m often changing up my eating routine and finding new temporary routines while … Read More

Nutrition Facts Format is Changing

June 2016

You may have already heard the news that the FDA recently approved the new nutrition facts table format, going into effect July 26, 2016, so that is the day these new nutrition facts tables are permitted to appear on packages. Companies have 2 years from that date to make the change, and companies that have … Read More

The Power of Color & Flavor: A Reference Chart

May 2016

Have you ever noticed when you’re grocery shopping that certain colors represent certain flavors across many different products and brands? Some of course are obvious, such as blueberry is blue or purple, strawberry is red or pink and banana is yellow. But what about others like parmesan garlic, vanilla, cookies and cream? These also have … Read More

Food & Color: A Powerful Connection

May 2016

I had a great time speaking at the recent FoodWorx: The Future of Food conference. It was exciting to hear speakers from many different aspects of the food industry as well, all focused on the future of food. This conference has been called the TEDx of food, and you can watch my session on the … Read More

8 Pointers on the Importance of Food Labeling Accuracy

April 2016

I am seeing more and more food labeling issues arise lately, likely due to the fact that functional foods are on the rise, as is consumer awareness. Many brands are trying to maximize the positive aspects of their product on the package. However, seemingly innocuous wording on a package can have an extremely harmful impact … Read More

New Free Download: The Strategic Side of Packaging

I’m very excited to announce our new free download, The Strategic Side of Packaging. So often people think they can just put a label on a product and call it finished. What they don’t realize is that packaging has a strategic side—a well thought-out process that generates specific results—and many packages miss the mark. In … Read More