Your Questions Answered, Vol. 1

February 2017

I love the commentary that takes place on my articles in the comments section. I also get quite a few questions by email that aren’t published on the blog. I’m finding there is a great deal of valuable information we discuss. What I love most about answering all these questions is that it causes me … Read More

How to Develop Your Brand Story (And why it’s important)

January 2017

Why develop a brand story? Quite simply, your brand story strengthens the emotional connection between the consumer and your brand. When your audience is intrigued by your product and discovers that your brand is in alignment with their values, they develop a stronger attraction and loyalty to your brand. What is a brand story? The … Read More

Top 10 Food Packaging Articles of 2016

December 2016

As this year comes to a close, I thought I’d take a look back at which articles I’ve written in the past few years were the most read in 2016. It’s fascinating to me that in food packaging design, the mix of creative skill and technical knowledge is of equal importance. One or the other … Read More

Comprehensive Guide to the New Nutrition Facts Format

November 2016

Now that the FDA has released its comprehensive guidance on the new nutrition facts format and the other things like RACCs, DVs, and RDIs that have changed along with it, I’ve updated my original  FDA Food Labeling Guide Made Easy article. So now you have all you need again in one place. The updated article … Read More

What copy works best on food packaging?

October 2016

Packaging design is not just about looks. The information you put on the package is equally as important. My favorite way to define design is communication through visuals and words, and this is no different for packaging design. Once the the overall appearance of the package catches the eye—an essential role—the consumer takes a closer … Read More

Healthy Mango-Blueberry Kuchen

September 2016

Mmmmm… this kuchen is the perfect weekend breakfast treat! I have fond memories of my dad making peach kuchen when I was younger with all the bounty from our peach trees. Over the years I’ve strived to make a healthier version and I think I’ve finally perfected it with this one. Kuchen is german for cake, … Read More

Is the Client Always Right?

August 2016

Design is subjective—it’s going to resonate with people in different ways. Whether we like to admit it or not, personal preference always comes into play in one way or another. I have had clients come to me after working with other designers or firms, lamenting things they didn’t like about these past experiences. In some … Read More

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

August 2016

Sometimes brands work so hard to convey what they want the consumer to understand about them—who they are and what they stand for—that they miss a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to their packaging. The primary focus should be to communicate the most important selling points to the consumer instantly and … Read More