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FDA Compliance for Retail Food Products

December 2015

I’ve been hearing a lot of similar questions lately regarding FDA compliance for food retail products. The regulations for compliance are lengthy, and can be confusing and overwhelming to any packaged food business. Here we’ve complied our most commonly asked general questions on the topic. To go deeper be sure to check out all our … Read More

Country of Origin Food Labeling

February 2015

We just got asked a great question on our FDA Food Labeling Guide Made Easy blog post, and as I was writing the response I thought it would make a great article on its own and would be easier to reference. So here it is! The question is regarding imported food and ingredient country of origin, and … Read More

FDA Nutrition Facts Labeling is Changing

March 2014

Recently the FDA unveiled a proposed update to the 20-year-old nutrition facts labeling requirements. Is this a good thing? It depends on whom you ask. Manufacturers will have to update all their packaging to meet the new standards within 2 years. (Currently, there is a 90-day public commentary period before the proposed changes are confirmed.) … Read More

FDA Food Labeling Guide Made Easy

November 2013

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2016: This post reflects several updates in 2016 to incorporate the FDA’s new nutrition facts format and a few other things that people have been asking about. Enjoy! Having designed gourmet food packaging for well over a decade now, we frequently reference the FDA website regarding their food labeling regulations and requirements. To … Read More