Explore the Future of Food with me at The FoodWorx Conference

February 2016 | by Jenn David Connolly

What is the future of food? What does it mean for the future of food marketing? I’m excited to be speaking about this at the FoodWorx Conference coming up on February 20th, 2016 at Portland State University. See below for a special discount to attend.

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FoodWorx is an event like no other and has been called the TEDx of food, exploring the unexpected and significant impact of food and drink on all aspects of life. It’s conversations like FoodWorx has that stimulate innovative thinking around food, spanning multiple categories and percolating new ideas. Check out the impressive lineup of speakers and use the code “bemyvalentine” to get 25% off at checkout.

In my talk, Food & Color: A Powerful Combination I’ll examine:

  • Color’s profound effect on us
  • How color affects us subconsciously
  • How brands are using color subconsciously and why
  • Color’s unique relationship with food
  • The important color-taste connection
  • The role sight plays in taste
  • How color facilitates understanding
  • How brands can leverage color strategically
  • Key aspects for brands and consumers to pay attention to
  • A huge shift that’s happening in the food industry
  • What consumers want more of from brands

Join me for this day of fun, learning and sampling. Attendees include foodies, entrepreneurs, activists, innovators, journalists, medical professionals, researchers, policymakers, volunteers and really everyone who cares about food and our food system. FoodWorx is a nonprofit event, and last year’s FoodWorx sold out. Prepare to think about food like you haven’t before and walk away with strategic ideas and action items. I would love see you there!

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