Your logo is the constant that unifies your brand.
Does your logo represent your vision and brand promise?

Relevance Logo

Skincare identity design to introduce new line of products, which are resold through dermatologists and medical spas. Simple, fresh, approachable, clinical design. We also did the brochure and packaging design.

Sevique Logo

Skincare identity design to introduce new line of high-end skincare packaging. Clean, sophisticated look and feel. We also did the brochure and packaging design.

Makana Kava Logo

Logo for new kava tea product conveying the natural, tropical origins of kava. The plan leaves are heart-shaped, and we made this a focus to emphasize the peace and harmony that is a result of consuming kava.

Avanguardia Wines Logo

This winery specializes in the science of winemaking that goes into creating their signature blends.

Vesiflo Logo

Logo design for medical device relating to urinary function.

Freedom Cancer Foundation Logo

Logo design for for nonprofit offering financial assistance for cancer patients.

Monarch Bay Club Logo

Logo design for a private getaway where every day is a vacation on the beach, so naturally we incorporated a wave motif as the icon.

Whistle Logo

Logo design for a do-it-yourself cleaning spray bottles with premarked filling lines for creating your own cleaning solutions from ordinary household items. The goal was to make cleaning simple and fun, while being good for the Earth—a bird whistling while it works encapsulates this concept. We also did the packaging design for this product.

Skookum Dog Logo

Logo design for Tom Bihn’s line of dog products aimed at a male audience with big dogs. The inspiration for this brand identity revolved around your dog being your best buddy whom you share all things in life with. We also did the website design.

Bella D’ora Spa Logo

Sente Bella logo design for Bella D’ora Spa’s line of upscale body care products. Sleek and high-end to convey the high quality ingredients used, to complement the Bella D’ora branding and reflect the look and feel of the spa.

Clean Street Food Logo

Logo design with custom illustration of Chef Jack Harding for Clean Street Food. Look and feel to be approachable and to communicate fresh, light, flavorful, delicious, clean, fast, healthy, organic. We also did the website, collateral and food truck wrap design for this client.

Cornbe’s Logo

Logo for new line of unique home décor featuring custom handmade furniture and fun, whimsical paintings. We also did the ecommerce website design and development.

European Fine Tea House Logo

Logo design for upscale tea brand with European flare and heritage.

Kiki’s Gluten Free Logo

Update of existing logo design concept to be modern, clean and bright, for launch of new brand Kiki’s Gluten Free products.

Klara’s Gourmet Cookies Logo

Redesign of Klara’s Gourmet Cookies logo as part of Package Design Magazine’s Makeover Challenge. New logo conveys fresh approach to cookie-making using unique flavor pairings in combination with traditional family recipes.

La Petite France Logo

La Petite France logo design for a French bakery in the US. Design to convey authentic French heritage to both a French and US audience.

Meadowcroft Wines Logo

Meadowcroft Wines logo design for high-end wine brand. The bee symbolizes hard work and fertile fields, and the logo is embossed with foil stamp on the wine labels. We also did the packaging and website design.

Transcendent Tea Logo

Logo for new brand Transcendent Tea which makes unique blends of wildcrafted teas for health benefits from rare ingredients. The hand-lettered style logo conveys the rustic nature of these beautiful teas and the custom blending aspect and direct connection to nature.

Ryan Bros. Coffee Logo

Logo design for San Diego-based Ryan Bros. Coffee, conveying high quality, family-run and approachable, and capturing the essence of San Diego.

Roots Logo

Logo for Meadowcroft Wine’s new wine tasting room Roots in Sonoma. The fresh and approachable design is inviting and the roots aspect touches on Meadowcroft’s heritage in the area as well as the growth of the grapes in the vineyards.

The Gourmet Baking Co. Logo

Logo for Pepper Creek Farms’ new brand The Gourmet Baking Co., whose extensive line includes all things baking such as festive sprinkles, cupcake mix kits and other fun and easy baking items.

Good Time Candy Shoppe Logo

Logo for Pepper Creek Farms’ new brand Good Time Candy Shoppe, a line of old-fashioned, feel-good nostalgic candy.

Mari’s Logo

Mari’s Sweets logo redesign for boutique bakery run by two sisters. The fun, stylish logo features custom-illustrated silhouettes of the sisters.

Thomas Henry Wines Logo

Logo for new brand Thomas Henry Wines, an approachable brand founded in Americana roots. We also did the packaging and website design.

Gummy Owls Logo

Logo for new line of Neuliven Health’s Gummy Owls natural chews to aid in weight loss. Approachable, friendly logo conveys that the product is safe and natural for adults and kids alike.

Fabb Activewear Logo

Logo design for new activewear line focusing on style, fashion and comfort. Geared mostly toward women but with a men’s line planned in the future, the identity needed to speak to both genders.