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Category Spotlight: Chocolate: The New Pantry Staple?

Specialty Food Association—September 2015

Chocolate’s superfood status, booming local craft production, and compelling competition between United States and European confectioners are just a few of the reasons why premium versions are well on their way to becoming everyday treats.

Buyers in High Spirits

Neenah Paper Blog—August 2015

The allure of wine, beer, and spirits packaging plays an outsized role in consumer appeal. Spirits packaging helps define the quality of the beverages and the kinds of people who enjoy them. Williams-Sonoma Sangria Mix packaging designed by Jenn David Design.

Design Links: A Chain of Creative Inspiration

HOW Magazine Blog—June 2015

This unique series from HOW features creatives whose work offers fresh, fun and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Jenn David Connolly is featured.

Printing With Purpose

Neenah Paper Blog—May 2015

Sustainable design. Design for good. Design for social change. Environmental design. We’ve heard the terms, but what do they all mean? How can graphic designers, printers, brand managers, and other creative professionals make informed choices in paper and printing that make a real difference? This article offers a few fresh ideas on how design, paper, and print choices can have a higher purpose. Poster designs by Jenn David Design.

The Color-Flavor Connection

GDUSA—March 2015

How color affects us subconsciously, what it means in relation to food and how brands can use this information to their advantage in food packaging. Jenn’s article is featured as a guest blog post on GDUSA.

Best Business Cards in the Biz

HOW Design—September 2014

How Design features Jenn David Design as “1 of 14 designers and firms at the top of their game to see what their business cards look like—and to find out what they believe makes a good business card.”

Product Focus: Luxury Packaging Materials

Green Sustainable Packaging—April 2014

The colors and logo definitely say Miami, yet not in a way that limits the audience geographically. I question whether the rough elements in the design work against the premium status of the product and otherwise clean look and feel, but the package overall seems appropriate for its Millennial audience. The bold colors provide an eye-catching assortment when seen together as a line.

2014 Awards

Various awards—2014

AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD Good Time Candy Shoppe Label AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD The Gourmet Baking Co. All-Natural Sprinkles AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD La Tourangelle Ramekin Box Packaging AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD Amber Products Spa Supply Package AMERICAN PACKAGE DESIGN AWARD Lost Wax Playing Cards Box