Cacao Lover’s Smoothie

May 2015 | by Jenn David Connolly

I’ve been a big fan of raw cacao powder for some time now. Recently however, I started using a boatload of it in this superfood smoothie that I consume almost daily, and can I just tell you? I feel SOOOOOO good after drinking this (and during, of course)—and it tastes AMAZING. Sometimes when I get the urge to reach for some chocolate, I imbibe this healthy option instead. It also has hemp seeds, another superfood. It satisfies my chocolate craving in a big way and powers my body with awesome energy and nutrients. How cool is that?


I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my overall wellbeing lately, and it’s more than just the good food I’m putting into my body. In addition to sleeping at least 8 hours each night—which is so wonderful that it feels like I’m taking a wonder drug—I started meditating daily, and I am blown away at how this is changing my life. I’m somewhat of a newbie to meditating, having wondered for a long time how exactly to do it and where to start. Turns out it’s pretty easy to get into it. I’ve been using guided meditations from, an awesome yoga resource that enables me to also do incredible yoga classes at 5am. Sometimes I meditate for 10 minutes, sometimes up to 30—whatever I feel like at the time. I might do it 2–3 times a day, or just once. I’m really digging yoga nidra and chakra meditations.

But something amazing is happening. Although it can be hard to take the time to do seemingly “nothing,” I find that when I do, it actually creates more time and I am completely transformed afterward. I have more energy, and I am more centered and focused to actually be more efficient at whatever I’m doing thereafter—be it working or relaxing. I am more present and immersed in life, and wow, I just can’t believe how powerful this simple practice is. I even find myself craving it, like I crave this smoothie.


Back to the smoothie. In addition to all the other yummy ingredients, I add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, which is something else I’ve been incorporating more of into my diet in place of regular salt. It is the purest salt with the highest mineral content, so it has health benefits, but it also has a unique flavor about it. I’m fortunate to work with many incredible clients, and the Pepper Creek Farms brand of this salt is one I designed and is the one I use. I love using my clients’ products!


I wanted to share this for any other cacao lovers out there. If you give it a whirl, let me know how you like it!

1.5 c filtered water
2 ice cubes
1.5 medium-to-large overripe frozen bananas (peel then freeze)
2 T heaping raw cacao powder
1 T hulled hemp seeds
1 T almond butter or other nut/seed butter of choice, unsalted preferred
pinch Himalayan pink salt, or regular salt (omit if your nut/seed butter contains salt)

Put everything in a high-speed blender till well blended. Enjoy and feel amazing!