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I’m so excited to debut my first recipe! I do a lot of baking and love experimenting in the kitchen, often adapting recipes to my baking preferences. I hadn’t planned on this recipe being the first featured but I made it for the first time this morning, it came out just as I’d hoped, it was quick and easy, and I can’t stop eating them—yum!


It’s a good thing it was quick and easy, because I was doing yoga early this morning at home, something I do regularly, and tweaked my neck somewhere between some new headstand variations I was trying and shoulder stand, and had to run out quickly for a last-minute chiropractor appointment (so grateful I could get one on a Saturday morning!). But I was ravenous after an hour of intense yoga and my green smoothie wasn’t enough to sustain me.

These scones mixed up quickly, baked in just 12 minutes, and I grabbed one right after taking them out of the oven as I headed out the door. It was great on its own, but I also enjoyed a slightly sweeter version for my second one with some strawberry jam (Trader Joe’s Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread—one of the best food products ever created) after I returned home. They are moist, wholesome, not crumbly, and the blueberries are delightful.


I adapted this from a recipe in Baking Illustrated (by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine), a book my late mother-in-law gave me a decade ago along with my first full set of baking pans. What I love about this book is that the authors detail what they tried along the way to perfect the recipes, and give examples of what worked and what didn’t. I recommend checking it out if you’re into baking.

I like the fruit plentiful in my baked goods (why not add natural sweetness and more fruit goodness?), so I doubled the amount of blueberries which turned out to be just the right amount by my standards. As always, I used whole spelt flour instead of all-purpose flour. In place of heavy cream, I used mashed avocado. You would not even know there is an avocado in the end result—my son does not like avocado but he loved these scones!

I needed to add a little water in the end to make it come together as a dough, and I was concerned that might make the scones turn out mushy, but they were just right.

Enjoy! If you try my recipe I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Oh, and my neck is doing better in case you’re wondering. 🙂

Rustic Lemon-Blueberry Scones

(Adapted from Baking Illustrated)
Makes 8

2 C whole spelt flour
1 T baking powder
3 T coconut sugar
½ tsp. salt
5 T cold Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, cut into small cubes
1 tsp. lemon zest
1 C mashed avocado
1 C frozen or fresh blueberries
1–2 T cold water

Preheat oven to 425ºF.

Mix the dry ingredients well in a large bowl with a whisk. Add the buttery cubes and mash into the flour mixture with a fork, and then further churn it together with your fingers to create a fine meal. Do this quickly so the butter doesn’t get too soft. Mix in the lemon zest and avocado. Add blueberries and knead it all together with your hands. Add the water as needed to make it come together to a dough consistency.

Form the dough into a flat, round shape about 8″ wide x 1½” thick. With a sharp knife, cut into 8 wedges. Separate and bake on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake 12–15 mins. Let cool a few minutes before serving. Enjoy as is or with jam!

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  1. Made these scones this morning and they are terrific! I did not have all the ingredients as called for, so I used regular flour and butter, and used lemon juice instead of lemon zest. I did use the avacado and also added a couple of tablespoons of 1% milk. So easy to make, too. Thanks, Jenn!

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