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Judges, American Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design USA Magazine—November/December 2011

We would like to thank our stellar judging panel for all their hard work and expertise. Jenn David Connolly owns Jenn David Design, a full-service graphic design studio in San Diego creating unique design that command attention.

An In-Depth Look: Pepper Creek Farms Packaging

Big Book of Packaging 3 (Harper Collins)—September 2011

Even if you didn’t know Jenn David Connolly had a toddler, one glance at the gummy candy bags she designed for Pepper Creek Farms would give it away. Only someone with a two-year-old boy in her life comes up with food labels that say, “open a can of worms” while goofy gummy worms smile at you from the label, sprung like jack-in-the-boxes from a can, and bags of grinning gummy dinosaurs snicker, “fossil fuel.”

12 Experts Reveal Why Your Website Doesn’t Make Dollars or Sense

Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed Magazine—September 2011

If you’re in business, your first line of business is to ensure you have a sustainable web presence (e.g. an online storefront). Not only do shoppers rely on the web for product research, they are likely to make their purchase online before heading to a brick and mortar store. E-commerce is here to stay – the future for online business has never been brighter.

Lighting Up the Night

Package Design Magazine—June 2011

Sometimes the package is the brand; sometimes the package is the store. In this case, the store is a lunch truck that servers up “gourmet food at a pedestrian price.” Jenn David Connolly, owner and founder of Jenn David Design, developed the Clean Street Food brand identity and “packaged” its truck.