Jenn David Connolly


Creative Strategist

Having specialized in food packaging and branding design for nearly two decades, Jenn is an expert in creative strategy for gourmet and specialty food brands. Her background has made her into a highly sought after food packaging designer for a variety of food industries. 

Jenn’s passion for food started at a very young age, helping her parents in the kitchen make pies and other baked deliciousness from scratch—mixing the dough, combining the fruit with the spices, feeling the textures, tasting the ingredients, smelling the aromas. She is still amazed at how simple ingredients transform into something incredible with a little effort and love.

When living in New York City working in advertising for Bergdorf Goodman, Jenn was cooking for herself for the first time, exploring on her own not just out of necessity but with the desire to experiment with her culinary curiosity. She fell even more in love with the art of food.

In 2002, Jenn and her husband-to-be packed up everything they owned in a small moving truck and drove from their hometown of Boston across the country to San Francisco. The dot-com bubble had just burst but Jenn’s business began to flourish, which included working with Williams-Sonoma and designing their gourmet food packaging. It was here that Jenn’s two passions for food and design first intersected and stayed.

It is this love of food that Jenn shares with her clients—to be able to help people create phenomenal brands and bring their incredible products to market is an honor and joy. She brings her passion to each client she works with, and thrives on the challenge of creating branding that truly captures the essence of the product and life of the brand. Seeing clients achieve success and opportunity through compelling packaging and branding is the ultimate reward. 

Jenn is committed to promoting design as a strategic advantage, vital cultural force and professional craft. She has served as Communications Director on the board of the San Diego chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. She is frequently featured as a contributing writer in industry publications such as Specialty Food Association, Brand Packaging, Packaging Strategies, Food & Beverage Packaging, The Dieline, Gourmet News, Graphic Design USA and more. Jenn’s work as a food label designer, food graphic designer and packaging specialist has been featured in Communication Arts, Print Magazine and HOW Design, as well as numerous design books.

Jenn continues the tradition with her own two children of experimenting and having fun in the kitchen. When she’s not in the studio or kitchen, Jenn loves crafting, making art, yoga and running, and leads an active lifestyle of traveling and adventuring with her family.

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