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Your Packaging is More Important Than Your Logo

May 2015

I’ve been hearing the same questions asked a lot lately: How do my logo and packaging work together? Isn’t the logo also the packaging design? What exactly is the packaging design? Some people think that you can just put a logo and a product name on a package and call it done. However, packaging is … Read More

How to Enhance Your Brand with Your Story

November 2014

I’ve been watching a lot of music videos lately. Truth be told, I recently converted to a standing desk and have been playing some of my favorite songs of late on YouTube, and I dance while I’m at my computer. It’s awesome. But some of the videos—the ones that tell a story—captivate me. As much … Read More

Is Your Brand Communicating Effectively?

April 2014

You may have all the necessary elements in place for your brand, but are they working for you as effectively as possible to maximize results? Just because you have your brand touch points in place doesn’t mean they work. If you’re just sufficing with your brand communication, you are losing out on opportunity. Let’s look … Read More

Do You Really Know Your Audience?

March 2014

Do you know whom you’re selling to? Not just a generalization, but do you really know them intimately? If you don’t, your brand messaging will be watered-down and will blend in with all the other marketing noise. Here are factors you must consider in order to effectively market your product and connect with your audience. … Read More

Know Your Brand’s Unique Positioning—and Speak It

February 2014

You know your brand is different from others. You know your products are distinguished from the competition. But consider the view from your audience’s perspective. You may think they know why your brand is different and unique, but to them you are one brand among many. Marketing is all about telling people what to think … Read More

Buying Behaviors Unique to Gourmet Food

February 2014

To truly leverage effective branding and marketing, you need to know what drives your consumers to buy your product, and speak to that, both consciously and subconsciously. Why do people buy food? Why do people buy gourmet food? Why should someone buy your product? Here are the key reasons people buy gourmet food, the mindset … Read More

How to Build a Strong Gourmet Brand

January 2014

You know you need to have a great product to succeed, but what does it take to have a strong, successful gourmet brand? It goes beyond your product assortment, yet all your branding centers around your products. If you’re ready to elevate your brand and further your reach, here are factors you need to have … Read More

How to Extend Your Brand Presence from Packaging to Other Communication Channels

December 2013

Your packaging is the core of your business. Everything revolves around your product line, and it’s often the first touch point for consumers. Effective packaging works for you on the shelf—attracting attention and capturing the sale. How do you carry that strategic presence over to your other marketing channels such as website and supporting print … Read More