Blog: How to Build a Strong Gourmet Brand Category

Is Your Brand Communicating Effectively?

April 2014

You may have all the necessary elements in place for your brand, but are they working for you as effectively as possible to maximize results? Just because you have your brand touch points in place doesn’t mean they work. If you’re just sufficing with your brand communication, you are losing out on opportunity. Let’s look … Read More

Does Your Product Have What It Takes to Stand Out?

April 2014

A busy store in the after-work rush. A shopper hurrying through to get what she needs as quickly as possible so she can get home and start cooking dinner. Distractions: the phone rings, perhaps her kids are in tow. Aisle after aisle. Does your product have what it takes to stand out in this sea … Read More

Do You Really Know Your Audience?

March 2014

Do you know whom you’re selling to? Not just a generalization, but do you really know them intimately? If you don’t, your brand messaging will be watered-down and will blend in with all the other marketing noise. Here are factors you must consider in order to effectively market your product and connect with your audience. … Read More

Know Your Brand’s Unique Positioning—and Speak It

February 2014

You know your brand is different from others. You know your products are distinguished from the competition. But consider the view from your audience’s perspective. You may think they know why your brand is different and unique, but to them you are one brand among many. Marketing is all about telling people what to think … Read More

How to Build a Strong Gourmet Brand

January 2014

You know you need to have a great product to succeed, but what does it take to have a strong, successful gourmet brand? It goes beyond your product assortment, yet all your branding centers around your products. If you’re ready to elevate your brand and further your reach, here are factors you need to have … Read More