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How to Make Your Website Work for You

August 2014

We recently overhauled the Jenn David Design website and it reinforced the importance of this essential marketing tool for any business. Not surprisingly, the project grew larger than we originally intended as we got some great ideas along the way that we wanted to incorporate. I’m happy to say it’s everything I wanted for our … Read More

Is Your Brand Communicating Effectively?

April 2014

You may have all the necessary elements in place for your brand, but are they working for you as effectively as possible to maximize results? Just because you have your brand touch points in place doesn’t mean they work. If you’re just sufficing with your brand communication, you are losing out on opportunity. Let’s look … Read More

How to Extend Your Brand Presence from Packaging to Other Communication Channels

December 2013

Your packaging is the core of your business. Everything revolves around your product line, and it’s often the first touch point for consumers. Effective packaging works for you on the shelf—attracting attention and capturing the sale. How do you carry that strategic presence over to your other marketing channels such as website and supporting print … Read More

Website Dos and Don’ts for a Gourmet Brand

July 2013

At JDD we are all about breaking conventions when applicable. After all, much like packaging, if everyone is doing one thing, a great way to stand out is by doing something different. However, breaking conventions is not always the best thing to do, as in the case of websites. We as a general population have … Read More