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Jenn David Connolly

Creative Strategist

For Jenn it started at a very young age, helping her mom and dad in the kitchen make pies and other baked deliciousness from scratch—mixing the dough, combining the fruit with the spices, feeling the textures, tasting the ingredients, smelling the aromas. These experiences laid the foundation for Jenn’s passion for food—she is still amazed at how simple ingredients transform into something incredible with a little effort and love.

When living in New York City working in advertising for Bergdorf Goodman, Jenn was cooking for herself for the first time, exploring on her own not just out of necessity but with the desire to experiment with her culinary curiosity. She fell even more in love with the art of food.

In 2002 Jenn and her husband-to-be packed up everything they owned in a small moving truck and drove from their hometown of Boston across the country to San Francisco. The dot-com bubble had just burst but Jenn’s business started to flourish, which included working with Williams-Sonoma and designing their gourmet food packaging. It was here that Jenn’s two passions for food and design first intersected and stayed.

After becoming a mother, Jenn’s focus turned to eating food for optimal health, and how what we put into our bodies affects how we feel. A co-op in her neighborhood introduced her to a whole new realm of culinary possibilities—new ingredients and using them in exciting ways.

Now with over a dozen years of specializing in the gourmet food industry, Jenn is an expert in creative strategy for gourmet and specialty brands. She brings her passion to each client she works with, and thrives on the challenge of creating branding that truly captures the essence of the product and life of the brand. She continues the tradition with her own children of experimenting and having fun in the kitchen.

Jenn is committed to promoting design as a strategic advantage, vital cultural force and professional craft, and has served as Communications Director on the board of the San Diego chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. She is also a contributing writer for The Dieline, the #1 website resource for the package design community.

Want a glimpse of how we work? Hear Jenn talk about it below:

Meet Jenn David
The power of packaging

A look inside the studio at Jenn David Design.

Meet Jenn David
The full package

Meet Jenn David, the founder and Creative Director of Jenn David Design (JennDavid.com), a full-service graphic design studio specializing in packaging and branding design for gourmet food and specialty products.

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Shot on location in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.

Meet Jenn David
Ingredients of creativity

Charley Lavin

Web Developer

Originally hailing from Chicago, Charley moved to sunny San Diego in 2007. Charley received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University in 2004. Since then he has been working in web development. He considers himself a WordPress expert and is fluent in many web based languages. He is an avid sports fan, an outdoor enthusiast, and a do-it-yourselfer.

Anne McColl


As a communicator, Anne strives to make her writing as visual as possible to make it engaging. She has written for clients ranging from Chuck E.Cheese’s to Cheese Whiz, Rubio’s Fish Tacos to Bumble Bee Seafoods. Anne graduated from Santa Clara University and also studied at the University of Madrid in Spain. When she’s not surfing the Internet, Anne can often be found surfing San Diego’s waves or building Legos with her kids.

Emma Hosmer

Finance Manager

The occasional misty morning in her Point Loma neighborhood reminds Emma of her native Britain. Emma first arrived in California with the intention of only staying 6 months—that was some 20 years ago! Emma advises on budgeting and forecasting and also handles the billing so the rest of the team can take care of the design. She has three amazing kids who brighten her life and keep her very busy. She also enjoys cycling, yoga and sailing, and dreams of finding enough time to read.