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Judges, American Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design USA Magazine—November/December 2011

We would like to thank our stellar judging panel for all their hard work and expertise. Jenn David Connolly owns Jenn David Design, a full-service graphic design studio in San Diego creating unique design that command attention.

An In-Depth Look: Pepper Creek Farms Packaging

Big Book of Packaging 3 (Harper Collins)—September 2011

Even if you didn’t know Jenn David Connolly had a toddler, one glance at the gummy candy bags she designed for Pepper Creek Farms would give it away. Only someone with a two-year-old boy in her life comes up with food labels that say, “open a can of worms” while goofy gummy worms smile at you from the label, sprung like jack-in-the-boxes from a can, and bags of grinning gummy dinosaurs snicker, “fossil fuel.”

12 Experts Reveal Why Your Website Doesn’t Make Dollars or Sense

Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed Magazine—September 2011

If you’re in business, your first line of business is to ensure you have a sustainable web presence (e.g. an online storefront). Not only do shoppers rely on the web for product research, they are likely to make their purchase online before heading to a brick and mortar store. E-commerce is here to stay – the future for online business has never been brighter.

Lighting Up the Night

Package Design Magazine—June 2011

Sometimes the package is the brand; sometimes the package is the store. In this case, the store is a lunch truck that servers up “gourmet food at a pedestrian price.” Jenn David Connolly, owner and founder of Jenn David Design, developed the Clean Street Food brand identity and “packaged” its truck.

Silver Trailer Poster Illustration

Communication Arts Illustration Annual—June 2011

Jenn David Connolly, Jenn David Design, illustrator. This poster illustration accompanied a note about the history and travels of Kristiana, a jewelry and interior designer, her 1962 Bambi Airstream named Norma and 1969 pickup named Chestnut, to promote Silver Trailer’s interior design services.

Serving Up Gourmet Food

The Big Picture—May 2011

You can have a name, but not necessarily an identity. Just ask Jenn David Connolly, owner and founder of Jenn David Design (jenndavid.com) in San Diego, who recently completed a comprehensive and defining identity for Los Angeles-based Manna Culinary Corporation’s food truck, Clean Street Food.

Dishing It Up for Primetime

Graphic Design USA—May 2011

Jenn David Connolly of Jenn David Design in San Diego cooked up a comprehensive identity for the Clean Street Food truck. The logo features an illustration of gourmet chef Jack Harding, the red and yellow colors signify quick-serve food, the cityscape says urban and all other graphic elements such as utensils, put an entirely gourmet spin on it.

Jenn David Design’s Clean Street Food Truck Featured on CSI:NY

CSI:NY (CBS)—April 2011

The Clean Street Food truck, designed by Jenn David Design, is featured in a primetime episode of CSI:NY on CBS. Shown in beginning of the episode in a food truck scene and with a closeup on the menu design section of the vehicle wrap design, the truck was selected because its bold, bright design showed well in the night scene.