My Red Tea


Becoming an Online Bestseller

Jenn David Design created a package design for my red tea that evokes the colors of their South African homeland to help the brand become a best-seller on Amazon.

From South Africa with Love

A South African transplant to California created my red tea to share the Organic Rooibos tea that is only grown in her native South Africa. Known to generations of South Africans, rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is red-hued, naturally high in antioxidants and caffeine-free.

A focus on Online Sales

my red tea is sold exclusively online to minimize costs and to own the relationship with the customer. my red tea partnered with Jenn David Design to develop their branding and packaging for the launch of this new brand.

Brilliant Hues Evoke the Beauty and Culture of South Africa

The bright colors of the resulting design not only connect with the aesthetic of South African culture but also create an especially eye-catching thumbnail, which is crucial to successful online sales. Within the first year after launching, my red tea became the top-seller on Amazon in their category and an Amazon Preferred product.

Design Supports the Brand Story

my red tea has a passion for health, fairness, and the environment. The name is explained: “my red tea was created to incorporate you—it’s your red tea, your body, and your wellbeing—and it’s our farmers’ red tea too, and they’re proud of it.” Important symbols to the rooibos plant are featured in the design—such as the donkey and cart which are used to transport the harvested plants throughout the Cederberg mountains, as well as the bees which pollinate the plants (“…it’s their red tea too!”)

Jenn David Design continues to design the evolving product line to include loose-leaf tea, tagged tea bags, additional sizes and a foray into body creams.

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