Whisps Cheese Crisps


ROI of Design: 60% increase in Sales After a Redesign

Whisps attributes a significant increase in sales solely to a new brand redesign by Jenn David Design.

New Design to go with a New Direction for Whisps

They’re light. They’re airy. Whisps are 100% cheese crisps that were initially positioned as a gourmet cheese snack to be used on salads and soups. Whisps received a positive thumbs-up in the market right from the start. (Because cheese lovers can’t get enough cheese.)

A few years later, Jenn David Design helped reposition Whisps as a fun, high-protein snack. The graphics needed to convey a fresh sense of energy and whimsy.

Communicating the New Positioning

The white background communicates the purity of this 100% cheese product. The custom, hand-lettered logo imparts fun and whimsy, while the bold use of orange captures the attention of shoppers. The graphics are slightly distressed, which mimics the texture of the Whisps. The cheese crisps appear to float around the front of the package—a fun way to communicate the whisper-lightness of Whisps.

More Ways to Have Fun with Whisps

The back of the package reinforces product benefits and gives users a little inspiration on how to use Whisps, beyond just snacking. How about a salad topper? Or as a high-protein, gluten-free breadcrumbs or topping? There are many ways to “Whisp up your life.”

“Jenn and her team were able to create packaging, selling tools, and a look and feel that garnered a 60% growth in sales within 6 months.” —Amanda T., Whisps

Design is a Catalyst for Sales

Just six months after the new design launched in stores, sales increased dramatically in just 6 months. Since nothing else had changed with the marketing, Whisps attributes the dramatic increase in sales entirely to the new design.

An Expanded Product Line Expands the Customer Base

Whisps initially launched with three varieties: Parmesan, Cheddar, and Asiago & Pepper Jack cheese crisps. With the launch of the new design, the line expands to include three mouthwatering flavors: Tomato Basil (Parmesan Cheese) and Bacon BBQ (Cheddar Cheese).

Jenn David Design continues to work with the Whisps brand as they grow their line even further.

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