How to Develop Your Brand Story (And why it’s important)

Why develop a brand story? Quite simply, your brand story strengthens the emotional connection between the consumer and your brand. When your audience is intrigued by your product and discovers that your brand is in alignment with their values, they develop a stronger attraction and loyalty to your brand.

how to develop your brand story

What is a brand story? The brand story is a blurb that tells the consumer WHY you are making your products and what they can expect to get from your brand. It allows the consumer to get to know you better. The brand story is different from the romance copy which speaks specifically about the product and its uses. (You want to have both on the package, but if you have space to only include one then always choose the product copy.)

The brand story should be consistent across all products in your line. It may include:

  • How you came to develop your brand
  • The reason the brand was created
  • The future of the brand
  • The brand’s mission and vision
  • The brand’s values and promise to its consumers

There is no real right or wrong when developing your brand story, but in my experience I’ve found the following general guidelines to be effective:


  • Make it real and honest.
  • Give quirky details to make it more interesting and memorable.
  • Add tasteful humor if applicable.
  • Keep it to-the-point.
  • Keep in mind what you would want to hear as a consumer.


  • Make it too formal or too general.
  • Add details that aren’t relevant.
  • Make it a biography or timeline.
  • Hesitate to get personal or specific.

A good idea is to go to the store and read a lot of packaging brand copy. See what you connect with and what you don’t find interesting. Keep this in mind as you develop your brand story.

You should have multiple versions of your brand story. Much like a professional bio, you need a short version and a long version, and possibly also a medium version. I recommend starting with the long version and then paring it down to create the shorter versions. Use the short version on your packaging and the long version on your website.

For your packaging, the brand story can follow the full product romance copy or can go on its own panel. A box for instance may have a side panel to dedicate entirely to the brand story. You want the product information to be the focus on the package, so the brand story is secondary. A headline or two depending on overall story length makes it more interesting and easier to process quickly.

On your website, feature the full brand story and break it up with photos and headlines to make it interesting. Get creative here and make it exciting visually so it isn’t just a long page of text.

For social media, consider using snippets of your story together with interesting visuals. Video is a great way to connect personally, and you can literally tell your story yourself by sharing minute-long clips on social media.

Remember that the package keeps selling even after the purchase. Your brand story will help connect with consumers in the store but will also maintain a lasting connection when the product is purchased and in the home. Keep this in mind as you write.

I’d love to hear your questions or thoughts in the comments below!

Hi, I’m Jenn David Connolly, creative strategist and founder of Jenn David Design. For over 20 years I’ve partnered with specialty food brands to create powerful, distinct, strategic design that commands attention and gets results.

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4 responses to “How to Develop Your Brand Story (And why it’s important)

  1. Thanks for that bit of information. I always find myself reengaged when I read your article

  2. I am getting ready to develop packaging for a gourmet nutraceutical and am really excited by this site and the work your company does. I recognize SO many of the products so clearly, your branding and packaging strategies really work.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you’re finding the site helpful.


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