Everything You Need to Start a Food Packaging Design Project

food packaging design

You’ve created a new food product. Now it’s time to think about how to design your packaging. The importance of food packaging design cannot be overstated—your packaging must work to sell itself on the store shelf and online. This process is fairly involved, so we’ve created a handy resource that outlines it from start to finish. This way, you’ll be more prepared for your design team and can avoid unexpected obstacles and delays in your project’s timeline.

This guide covers topic such as:

  1. What is a dieline and how to obtain a food packaging dieline from your printer.
  2. How to establish a timeline with your printer.
  3. Why it’s important to pay for nutrition analysis.
  4. How to list food ingredients properly.
  5. Why you need – and where to get – a UPC # and barcode.
  6. Why you should include an optional allergen advisory.
  7. How and where to include country of origin in your food packaging label.
  8. How to describe your product – The best packaging designs include a clear product description.
  9. What is a statement of identity (SOI) and why you need one on your food label.
  10. How to write an enticing and strategic product description for your food packaging.
  11. How to determine your key selling points to compete with the best food packaging designs.
  12. How to make nutritional content claims (NCCs).
  13. How to tell your brand story on your food product’s packaging and how creative food packaging ideas give context to the brand.
  14. Why and how to include cooking/heating/prep/storage instructions.
  15. How and when to include usage suggestions for your food product.
  16. Why cross-selling is good for sales and how to integrate it on your package.
  17. Why it’s essential to invest in high-quality food photography.
  18. Why it’s a great idea to engage a copywriter to write descriptions for your food product.

You won’t want to miss this helpful guide! This detailed guide covers everything you need to know to plan, write, design, and produce a successful food packaging project that will drive sales of your product.  Download your free guide to starting a food packaging design project today!

food product packaging design project


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