FDA Extends Timeline for Nutrition Facts Compliance

It’s essential that your packaging stays up-to-date and compliant, so I wanted to share with you the latest news on the new nutrition facts compliance.


Many brands have been having a hard time complying with the new nutrition facts format in the given timeframe. The original timing called for full compliance by July 2018, or July 2019 for companies that have less than $10 million in annual sales. The FDA announced this week that they would be extending that timeline, and will give a specific date at a later time.

Some of the information on the new panel format is different and requires brands to get updated food analyses to provide this information. I have heard from many clients that food analysts are needing additional time to update their capabilities in order to be able to provide the new information needed. In addition, the FDA still has not finalized some of the new regulations such as whether certain fibers should be counted toward the overall fiber count.

In order for you to better understand and prepare for these changes, here are some articles that provide an overview on what’s changing in the new format:

I’ll keep you posted on the new compliance timeline and other details as they’re released.

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