Nutrition Facts Format is Changing

June 2016 | by Jenn David Connolly

You may have already heard the news that the FDA recently approved the new nutrition facts table format, going into effect July 26, 2016, so that is the day these new nutrition facts tables are permitted to appear on packages. Companies have 2 years from that date to make the change, and companies that have less than $10 million in annual sales are allowed an additional year beyond that. EDIT: As of July 13, 2017, the FDA has announced that they will extend the compliance deadline. They will release more information on the specific new dates soon and we will update here.


It’s not just the format that has changed, but also the recommended daily values for nutrients like sodium, dietary fiber and vitamin D have been updated, as well as serving sizes for certain food types to better reflect what people actually eat in one serving.

Here is a link to the overview from the FDA on what is changing.

If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you bring your packages up to date, just get in touch with us.

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9 thoughts on “Nutrition Facts Format is Changing

  1. Lois Borough

    Please advise if you can provide print ready .ai files with the new nutritional facts info for the food products my company currently sells (popcorn, cotton candy, snow cups, lemonade, lollipops, etc.)

    See below for my info.


    Lois Borough
    Director-Product Development

  2. Tyler

    Hey Jenn! Thanks for putting so much time into organizing the Nutrition Facts info. FDA’s database is brutal to read through. Really appreciate it. Could I get the same info you gave Lois?


  3. Maghan

    Hi Jenn,

    I see that you have print ready .ai files for the new NFT panels. I would love to have those files for our packaging. Can you please get in touch with me about this.

  4. Desmond

    Hi Jenn,

    Great website. I was wondering if you can provide any insight/sources into the minimum size requirements of the new 2016 NF for either a “standard vertical” or “dual-column” NF?

    Thank you in advance please keep up the great work!