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How to Stand Out Without Risk

December 2015

Putting your food product on the market can bring many challenges, but the number-one most common question we hear on clients’ minds is, “How do I get my product noticed so people will buy it?” You want your product to stand out, but standing out can also come with risks. Fears may arise such as, … Read More

How to Get Your Gourmet Product into Stores

August 2015

It’s the question I hear from every gourmet brand: “How do I get my product into Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, Costco, [insert other retailer of choice]?” There’s a very simple two-step formula for this, but the process must be done strategically and correctly for you to have a chance. Get your branding and packaging to be … Read More

Tell a Story with Food

July 2015

Packaging your food product may be the final step in the process of getting the product to retail, but it is an important step that is not to be taken lightly. Sure, the outer package holds the necessary information regarding what the product is and the required FDA information, but it is also a unique … Read More

Is Organic Certification Worth It?

May 2015

If your product qualifies for organic certification, should you do it? It’s ironic that you can use ingredients treated with many different chemical pesticides and not have to state anything about the use of chemicals on your package, but if you use organic ingredients and want to promote the word Organic on your food package, … Read More

Your Packaging is More Important Than Your Logo

May 2015

I’ve been hearing the same questions asked a lot lately: How do my logo and packaging work together? Isn’t the logo also the packaging design? What exactly is the packaging design? Some people think that you can just put a logo and a product name on a package and call it done. However, packaging is … Read More

The Color-Flavor Connection

March 2015

I was recently contacted by a high school student with some questions for a biology experiment on how the perception of color affects the brain when eating foods. As I was explaining how flavor, color, perception and taste are intricately linked, I instantly knew I had to write an article on this topic. The appearance … Read More

The Emotion Behind Food

February 2015

Food. Some love it. Some hate it. Most of us have strong feelings about food that run deep and can be complicated, whether we realize it or not. Regardless of our feelings, food is an essential need. This unique combination of need and emotion, when properly analyzed and understood, makes your product all the more … Read More

Are You Ready?

December 2014

Are you ready to seriously rock your brand in 2015, and do you have a plan? I love the following quote from Seth Godin: “If you hesitate to map out your future, to make a big plan or to set a goal, you’ve just gone ahead and mapped your future anyway.” The turn of the … Read More