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The Power of Color & Flavor: A Reference Chart

May 2016

Have you ever noticed when you’re grocery shopping that certain colors represent certain flavors across many different products and brands? Some of course are obvious, such as blueberry is blue or purple, strawberry is red or pink and banana is yellow. But what about others like parmesan garlic, vanilla, cookies and cream? These also have … Read More

8 Pointers on the Importance of Food Labeling Accuracy

April 2016

I am seeing more and more food labeling issues arise lately, likely due to the fact that functional foods are on the rise, as is consumer awareness. Many brands are trying to maximize the positive aspects of their product on the package. However, seemingly innocuous wording on a package can have an extremely harmful impact … Read More

New Free Download: The Strategic Side of Packaging

I’m very excited to announce our new free download, The Strategic Side of Packaging. So often people think they can just put a label on a product and call it finished. What they don’t realize is that packaging has a strategic side—a well thought-out process that generates specific results—and many packages miss the mark. In … Read More

Top 5 Design Trends at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

February 2016

The Fancy Food Show is always a treat—literally! If you’ve never been, it’s a 3-day-long snackfest that is the biggest gourmet food event in the country. It’s always interesting to see what’s new and what’s hot. A lot of sources talk about the food trends at each show, but what about the design trends? Design … Read More

FDA Compliance for Retail Food Products

December 2015

I’ve been hearing a lot of similar questions lately regarding FDA compliance for food retail products. The regulations for compliance are lengthy, and can be confusing and overwhelming to any packaged food business. Here we’ve complied our most commonly asked general questions on the topic. To go deeper be sure to check out all our … Read More

How to Stand Out Without Risk

December 2015

Putting your food product on the market can bring many challenges, but the number-one most common question we hear on clients’ minds is, “How do I get my product noticed so people will buy it?” You want your product to stand out, but standing out can also come with risks. Fears may arise such as, … Read More

Make Your Food Package Irresistible

November 2015

We received some recent press on our work that referenced the giftability of the design—how you will want to keep the packaging even after the product is gone because it’s so beautiful. We were honored, of course! Making the package beautiful like a gift has always been one of the focuses of our work. Who can … Read More

Tell a Story with Food

July 2015

Packaging your food product may be the final step in the process of getting the product to retail, but it is an important step that is not to be taken lightly. Sure, the outer package holds the necessary information regarding what the product is and the required FDA information, but it is also a unique … Read More