Checklist for a Successful Food Package

There are so many aspects to consider and assets when developing food packaging. Successful packaging needs to perform on a number of levels and guide the consumer through distinct stages of the selling process. How do you know if your packaging will be effective? I’ve consolidated many of my past articles into a checklist to ensure your packaging is hitting all the marks. Links go to articles where applicable for more detail.

This is a great checklist to keep handy when developing new packaging to make sure you’re not leaving anything out! (Want this in a pdf format to print out or use digitally? Get it here.)

checklist for a successdul food

Appearance: Does it grab attention from the shelf? [How to Stand Out on the Shelf Without Risk]

Competitors: Does it stand out from competitors? [5 Reasons to Know Your Competitors]

Design: Is it approachable, intriguing and inviting? [Make Your Food Package Irresistible]

Imagery: Does it represent the product/flavor well? [The Color-Flavor Connection, To Show or Not Show a Product Photo]

Window: Does the window showcase the product well? Does it conceal any undesirable portions such as crumbs at the bottom or empty top space?

Bonus tip: If the inner product is wrapped in a way that you can’t see the actual product, or if the product is common or familiar, consider placing the window on the back panel if front real estate is minimal.

Color: Is the color appropriate for the product? [Colors that Influence Food Sales, Food & Color: A Powerful Connection]

Front information: Does the name stand out from afar? Does it clearly inform what the product is and why it’s different? [The Three Most Important Things on a Food Package]

Front panel: Does it contain key selling points? [Maximizing the Sale]

Compliance: Does the product meet all the FDA requirements? [FDA Food Labeling Guide Made Easy]

Claims: Do all claims comply with FDA requirements? Are there any disclaimers required? [FDA Food Packaging Claims Made Easy]

Organic claims: Do they comply with organic certification regulations? [Is Organic Certification Worth It?]

Descriptive copy: Is it clear, concise and compelling? [What Copy Works Best on Food Packaging?]

Brand story: Is the description enticing? Does the brand story strike an emotional connection? [How to Develop Your Brand Story (And Why It’s Important), Tell a Story with Food, How to Enhance Your Brand with Your Story]

food package design checklist

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